Delta Theta Phi (ΔΘΦ) is a professional legal fraternal organization committed to providing a spirit of cooperation by offering an opportunity for lawyers and law students to promote their personal, professional, and intellectual growth through networking, leadership training, scholarship, guidance, and a collective responsibility to the fraternity and the future of the legal profession.

Delta Theta Phi is  a member of the Professional Fraternity Association. Delta Theta Phi is the only one of the two major law fraternities to charter chapters (senates) in the United States at non-American Bar Association-approved law schools.

Delta Theta Phi can trace its roots to Delta Phi Delta on September 15, 1900 at the then-named Cleveland Law School, now Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Ohio. Delta Theta Phi has initiated more than 138,000 members across the country and in several other nations. 

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The Object of this organization shall be to unite fraternally congenial students of the law, to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning, to surround them with an environment such that the traditions of the law and of the profession may descend upon them, to promote justice, to inspire respect for the noblest qualities of mankind and to advance the interests of every college of law with which this Fraternity shall be associated.

The Purpose of Delta Theta Phi

The Purpose of this organization shall be to perpetuate in every member of this Fraternity, the application of the highest standards of personal integrity, diligence, candor and trust, of individual responsibility, of respect for law, rights and property of others and the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct in the study, practice, and teaching of the law.