Any student in law school is eligible for membership in Delta Theta Phi provided they meet the standards of Part I, Article 2, Section 2(a) of the DTP Constitution.  To be eligible for student membership in the Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, International a candidate must possess the following qualifications and be subject to the following conditions:

  1. Not be a member of another law fraternity.
  2. Be deemed a fit exponent of the Object and Purposes of this Fraternity by personality, character, and example.
  3. Be free of attributes which make one unacceptable to the Fraternity as a whole in recognition of the excellent membership standards and of the international character of The Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, International.
  4. Have a reputation for the highest standards of personal integrity, diligence, candor, and trust, of individual responsibility, and of respect for the law, rights and property of others, and for the accepted and recognized canons of professional ethics.

A student is not considered to be an official member of the Fraternity until (i) a completed Student Application has submitted to the International Office, (ii) the International Fee is received by the International Office, and (iii) the student is initiated. 

Please contact the local student senate at your law school for local student senate membership information.  Your student senate will assist you with the application and initiation process.

If you have been directed to do so by your student senate, please complete your online payment application here

If your student senate requires your application to be printed and submitted locally, rather than online, please print the application form, compete and return along with your payment to your student senate. Your student senate will then submit your application to Delta Theta Phi for processing.

If your law school does not an active student senate, please contact our International Office.

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